Enthralling Spirituality – Your Cheap Holiday Ideas for a Spiritual Tour

It is always common to see people choosing holiday destinations that have a superb nightlife, are along the beaches and have all the classiness in them, but not many choose destinations that are regarded for their spirituality. However, there are still a lot of people who prefer places with spiritual instincts over the ones with a lot of party places, and that is exactly the value of it all.


For me it was my choice to leaved these city destinations and choose a cheap holiday idea in search of spirituality and then I went to Kathmandu, Nepal.


The color green floods every corner of Nepal making it a rich and cherished destination for those willing to rest in the lap of nature. Visitors here have the chance to visit the best of spiritual places because there are a number of it and each of them has a story to tell – a story of the myths and the spirituality they hold. The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is filled with numerous gompas and ancient Hindu temples. Many Buddhist and Hindu devotees come to Nepal on pilgrimage tours to seek blessings and pray for salvation. Having the perfect backdrop of scenery, Nepal’s Kathmandu has a lot of spiritual places where devotees can practice meditation.

Visiting Kathmandu also came in with some self responsibility because I was travelling alone and needed to take care of not only myself, but also my expenses and stay. The stay although was done online – it was an online hotel booking which I later considered to be one of my greatest decisions – I saved money on pre-booking and the exertion in looking for a place to stay on arrival.

Honestly, the idea of complete cheap holidays in abroad came in from Journey Jigsaw; money was managed, destination was decided and everything came in easy.

Find more details and holiday ideas for families and individuals here.

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